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Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam is a visco-elastic polymer that becomes softer as its temperature increases. This allows it to change its properties with the heat from the human body and quickly mould to its shape. It was originally designed by NASA to help Astronauts cope with the very high g-forces experienced as the Space Shuttle accelerated to escape velocity. Memory Foam  Topper Accurately Cut

Memory Foam - Space Missions to Medical Mattresses

Surprisingly, Memory Foam was never used for space missions. Instead, memory foam was used to make supporting mattresses for paralysed patients having to spend prolonged periods lying in one position. They found that memory foam helped spread the pressure and stresses to reduce or eliminate the bed sores caused by lying on a standard mattress where pressure points would develop; leading to localised circulation problems and "Pressure Sores".

Innovative Space Polymer To Domestic Mattress Topper

The manufacturing costs for memory foam have reduced over recent years; making memory foam mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers affordable for the home market. Hand Made Topper Covers

Topper Memory Foam - Mattress Toppers

Topper Memory Foam:-

The topper memory foam moulds to your body shape and promotes a deep restful sleep. It is available with or without a stitched cover.

Here's some price examples from our Topper Memory Foam Budget Range - These are a full 5cm (50mm) thick unlike other budget ranges offering a much thinner 2.5cm (25mm) foam topper. Zipped Topper Covers and Stay-Fast Mattress Straps